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 Sometimes, I Get a Little...

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Sometimes, I Get a Little... Empty
PostSubject: Sometimes, I Get a Little...   Sometimes, I Get a Little... EmptyWed Feb 20, 2013 12:13 am


I am the monster behind those doors.
The one you keep under lock and key,
the one you pretend you cannot see.

I am the secret desire you feel each night
to turn on everyone with luscious spite,
and watch them cry with ravenous delight.

I am the smile that hides the h a t e,
the one that relishes in the pain-filled state,
the soul that devours your tearful fate.

Let me build you up with love and kisses
So that one day I may crush you to bits and pieces.

I am the obsession felt each day
to see what others would do and say.
Sing me praises, feed me attention
Always let my name be mentioned
For sooner that you stop, you'll be my prey.

There is love and there is lust
The suspicious and the ones who trust
People who admire and people who are jealous.
I've felt one and was the other.
I was good now let me be bad.
I have hugged, so now I'll smother.
I have murmured, now let me holler.

I've been tame for far too long.
I wish to stand and demolish it all,
To take and take until nothing remains
Let hope and kindness now only be feigned.

My goodness and love had always been true
but my hate and violence could be just as real, too.

I want everything,
I want. I want. I want.
Yours, theirs, mine, everyone's.
And once it's all within my grasp,
Let me burn it until there's nothing left.

I'll introduce you to sweet nothingness
and once you are lulled by tranquil silence,
I'll take that away as well.
From gentle oblivion, thrust into a chaotic semblance.

I am i m p e r f e c t i o n ,
a cataclysmic wish.
I will no longer rhyme
or follow.
Your rules.
My dark heart burns and melts me inside out.
Let me share the pain, the agony.

Let the taint of ever knowing me

Drown you, too.

Are you scared?
Do you fear me?
It's alright, I don't mind.
Just don't be me.
Nor come near me.
And you'll be fine.

Lock the door.
Shatter the key.

Crush the bond between you and me.

I guess there's a bit of Holden in me, too. My way of releasing aggression.
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Sometimes, I Get a Little...
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